Veteran Tree Management

Britain has some of the oldest veteran trees in Europe. These make up a large part of our cultural heritage and have landscape and ecological value too. FPCR understand the importance of safeguarding Veteran trees. We advise our clients on how best to manage and preserve these specialist and increasingly rare trees.

Veteran tree management aims to maximise the life span of veteran trees whilst preserving the intrinsic value of its habitats through recommending, where appropriate, only minimal tree surgery work.

Veteran tree management also provides the opportunity to maintain a population of veteran trees for the future allowing time for Veteranisation of nearby trees and a succession of new tree planting to ensure long term continuity.

Working in conjunction with our Ecology department FPCR can provide comprehensive management recommendations to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

  • Individual detailed tree inspections
  • Assessments of habitat provided by veteran trees
  • Assessment of signs of plant, insect and animal species associated with veteran trees
  • Assessment and overview of veteran tree viability
  • Assessment of tree risk and formulation of tree work priority ratings
  • Prescription of targeted veteran tree works specifications for long-term management
  • Trees mapped accurately onto Ordnance Survey, GIS/ CAD or GPS