BS5837 Tree Assessment

The submission of detailed arboricultural information is a pre-requisite of planning where trees are present within or adjacent to a proposed development site.

The benefits of successful integration of mature trees and hedgerows into new residential and commercial developments are widely acknowledged to not only provide a level of maturity and visual amenity for the benefit of future occupants and local landscape, but also has the potential to increase sale prices / improve saleability.

Our arboriculture team are highly experienced in the application of British Standard 5837 ‘Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’. We provide a baseline tree survey, identification of constraints and Arboricultural Implication Assessments compliant to BS 5837, a minimum requirement for validation for planning applications.

Our qualified arboriculturalists pride themselves on taking a pragmatic and pro-active approach to projects looking at innovative solutions to a wide range of technical issues with information being presented in a clear, comprehensive and understandable form.

Our team are involved with a wide variety of development projects including commercial and residential developments which range from small infill residential sites to large scale strategic mixed use projects delivered over many years.

We support our colleagues in Ecology and Landscape so an integrated approach to new development is achievable and deliverable, prepared in-house, which is of great benefit to our clients.