Mortgage, Subsidence and Insurance Reports

Mortgage lenders, underwriters and insurers often require a pre-purchase report or risk appraisal to enable them to make their evaluation. Our arboricultural team offer a range of arboricultural services tailored specifically for home purchase.

Our team can provide reports tailored to a particular circumstance. Such reports identify all trees and vegetation in close proximity to the property and outline any risks, both above and below ground to provide clear and sensible tree management advice in accordance with the brief.

Our reports include a detailed survey of the trees providing information on species, height, spread, stem diameter, distances from structures and tree condition.

FPCR work alongside other specialists to determine the potential influence of the tree/s or vegetation upon a property and can recommend a method of reducing or eradicating the issue which is detailed within a report detailing the method of action to be taken.

FPCR can also undertake assessments where trees and other vegetation have been implicated in causing damage to structures, where insurance claims are being pursued.

Often being instructed by loss adjusters and property owners directly, we work alongside appointed structural engineers and other professionals to investigate the causes of structural damage and to work towards solutions.

Our reports are produced in a legible clear and concise standard format with all plans drawn to scale using cross compatible software.