Risk Management Systems

Trees situated close to property or on publicly accessible land present potential risk to both personal and public safety as well as buildings and livestock.

Landowners are responsible for damage or injury caused by trees on their land and have a duty of care to prevent foreseeable harm occurring. This needs to be balanced with the benefits that trees offer to a certain setting whilst adopting a common sense pragmatic approach to their management.

Our arboriculture team provides risk management for numerous public and private locations including universities, public parks, commercial and private residential clients.

Risk management plans recommend work for trees that will not only maintain a high level of safety to the general public but carry out work that will benefit the condition and safe longevity of the tree. This work can include tree surgery as well as decay detection and soil decompaction where a trees decline is reversible.

Monitoring can include regular hazard assessments as well as chlorophyll tests to measure tree health and determine the most appropriate course of action to reduce the development of hazards through die back, increasing longevity.