Aerial Tree Climbing Assessments

We have an in-house team of experienced City & Guilds NPTC qualified climbers who are able to undertake aerial tree assessments and hazard inspections to inform the future management of trees under the responsibility of our clients.

One of the key requirements when assessing risks posed by trees is to gain an understanding of the likelihood of structural tree failure. Trees situated close to property or on publicly accessible land present potential risk to both personal and public safety. Landowners are responsible for damage or injury caused by trees on their land and have a duty of care to prevent foreseeable harm occurring. Often these hazards are situated within the upper crown of a tree and as such a ground based survey can often not provide comprehensive evidence as to the extent of the hazard present.

Our tree climbing assessments include:

  • Detailed individual tree inspections
  • Internal decay detection assessments
  • Assessments of features and habitat provided by individual veteran trees – forming part of a specialist Veteran Tree Survey

We can provide:

  • Maps of tree positions with legends for easy identification of tree characteristics
  • Trees plotted onto GIS or using GPS/Laser
  • Analyses and reports on findings
  • Easy to read schedules of survey data
  • Prioritised works schedules
  • Prescription of targeted tree works specifications for long-term management
  • Works orders
  • Photographic evidence of assessed defects