Woodland Management

Tree and woodland management requires a good understanding of the tree in the first instance. Our surveys include information on the quantity of trees, their species, dimensions, observations on tree condition and recommendations for targeted management where it is felt appropriate.

Our Survey and Management Reports include;

  • Data collection on varying size tree populations
  • Preparation of tree inventory, supporting assessments and written reports accompanied by accurately plotted management plans
  • Detailed tree hazard assessments
  • Assessment of tree risk and formulation of tree management priority ratings
  • Assessment of tree health through a visual inspection or we can offer decay detection using a range of industry approved equipment
  • Preparation of specific tree and woodland management objectives and tree and hedgerow work specifications for long-term management
  • Detailed specifications for new tree planting and landscape restoration as well as urban tree planting solutions

We prepare Woodland Management Plans tailored to suit the needs of a given setting. Such objectives can be managing a woodland resource for timber production, game rearing, recreational benefits, planning obligations, nature conservation or to provide details for grant aided funding.

Preparation of plans can be linked directly to applications for grant aid options with the Forestry Commission through Countryside Stewardship. We can assist in evaluating options to gain funding for woodland management and make applications on your behalf.