BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes

BREEAM and the former Code for Sustainable Homes (now only applied to historical projects) are credit based rating systems implemented on building projects to help achieve sustainable developments. Land use and Ecology is just one of a several aspects of the built environment covered by the systems.

FPCR has specialist and experienced staff who are classed as the Suitably Qualified Ecologists required by BRE and will advise on how to achieve credits, including how to maximise the change of ecological value in botanical species at the site, pre- and post-development. FPCR will undertake the initial site surveys and reporting (Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey (often already completed by FPCR as an earlier part of the project)), which enable the site’s pre-development assessment and provide an early indication of likely credits achieved in all areas of Land Use and Ecology. Based on this, FPCR work with the client and their landscape design team to maximise the potential credits that can be achieved, finally undertaking the final compliance checks and site visits required once the project is completed.

Advice is provided on the protection of ecological features; legal compliance with respect to nature conservation and best practice site working methods, supported where necessary by Toolbox Talks to be applied during construction. FPCR liaise with the team to ensure recommendations on habitat creation (typically targeted to local habitat and species priorities) and the use of alternative species mixes and creative habitat design make the most effective use of sometimes limited green spaces, providing management plans to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of the site’s biodiversity in the longer term.