FPCR ‘Go Greener’ Week a Success

For once the weather was kind, and we had a week of dry weather and sunshine for our FPCR Go Greener week.  Check out the link below for a summary of our daily activities.  The activities were attended by staff from across our multidisciplinary teams and we all enjoyed being outside and having some fun as well as learning from each other.

The week has also given us the opportunity to think about some simple things that we can do as a practice to help reduce our carbon footprint and generally improve our ‘green credentials’.  These include:

  • Remembering to turn off lights and monitors at the end of the day,
  • Taking plates to the Deli rather than using packaging,
  • Reducing the amount of paper we use,
  • Car sharing and cycling to the office,
  • Using the recycle bins as much as possible.

The company has made some pledges for ongoing improvements which we can monitor over time. These are just a few of the changes:

  • FPCR has gradually been replacing light bulbs with low energy LED bulbs which last longer and use less energy.  We aim to replace all of our bulbs within the next 12 months;
  • We have recently changed our printers to a system which requires use of a pin number to avoid lots of unwanted print outs.  This has already resulted in a lower use of paper but we will monitor this and aim to reduce our paper usage over the next 12 months; and
  • Through altered management practices, we are increasing biodiversity in the grounds of Lockington Hall.

Find out what we were up to each day by following the links below: