Toasting Success in our Exeter Arboricultural Team

We are really pleased to announce that two of our arboriculture team, Mark Ellison and Tom Price, have recently passed their Level 4 Diplomas in Arboriculture.

Mark and Tom are both based in our south west office in Exeter. Both completed their diplomas whilst working full time for our arboriculture team in Exeter. Mark and Tom completed their Diplomas in a year, which is impressive due to the volume of work required, whilst at the same time juggling a busy workload on multiple projects across the south west and beyond.

Congratulations Mark and Tom!

Thanks to the progression of Mark and Tom, the Exeter office has a team of four arboriculture consultants with an ever-increasing capacity to produce a high level of professional work in realistic timeframes. Please get in touch to discuss potential projects and ask for advice or a fee quote on all arboricultural matters.