Rush Lane, Elsenham Appeal

Consent has been granted following a virtual appeal for 40 dwellings in Uttlesford District. Despite an officer recommendation for approval, it was refused by Members on the grounds to harm to the Character and Appearance of the area. Gary Holliday gave evidence at the virtual hearing, covering these aspects. The site was located in the “Countryside Protection Zone” around Stansted Airport, though the councils own study had suggested it should be removed from this area.   Inspector Young concluded that the scheme  “would not be unduly intrusive in the wider landscape” and that “houses would also relate well to the existing built form”. The inspector concluded “There would inevitably be landscape harm arising from a loss of openness across the appeal site. However, given the site’s high level of visual containment and close relationship to the existing built form of Elsenham, these are not factors that weigh heavily against the scheme.”

The full decision can be read on this link