Phil Rech Positivity Awards 2019!


The results of the 2019 Phil Rech Positivity awards have just been announced. Phil was one of our founding directors who passed away in January. Phil was a hugely positive person, always finding the best in every site, scheme and everybody.  We are celebrating these qualities in FPCR by making awards in categories including: the person most likely to make the office smile, best client feedback, brightest new ideas, the person who goes above and beyond and most positive newcomer . The winners were nominated by colleagues, and there was some great feedback through the nominations showing how the team appreciates the support received from each other.

The 2019 award winners are; Bob Simpson, Cheryl Grant, Kat Bawler, Dale Cooper, Helen Giddings, Sophie Entwisle, Sophie Duncan, Chris Payne, Mel Arthur, Mami Okubo, Emme Tranchard-Mole and Sam Arthur. Congratulations to all