Out with the old

As part of our rolling equipment update to ensure we are using the most up-to-date technology for our surveys, the ecology teams across our four Offices have just decommissioned their remaining frequency division bat detectors used for roost emergence surveys and updated them with higher-quality, full-spectrum detectors.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure we continue to evolve alongside technology and to ensure that our survey data is of the best possible quality for our clients, we have now replaced the oldest of our detectors (used for some roost emergence and re-entry surveys) with Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO detectors. These full-spectrum recording detectors now mean that all of our detector systems have moved across to the Wildlife Acoustics system (all teams have been using full-spectrum detectors for remote-recording static detector surveys and activity transects across all our sites since 2016).

With so many ecologists working across our four Offices, this has resulted in us having to purchase over 60 of these new handheld detectors to ensure that we can continue to work at our current capacity levels.

FPCR Ecology Team Bat Facts:

  • 96 ecologists
  • 89 handheld detectors
  • 77 remote recording detectors
  • 20 licenced bat workers
  • Ability to register eligible sites for the Bat Mitigation Class Licence (low impact licence)

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