Live Broadcasts on BBC Radio

Our senior Finance Associate, Stephen Cooper, has a second string to his bow which will reach a national audience this Sunday. Stephen is a part-time member of the cathedral choir at Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire’s Anglican cathedral, and the choir will be singing in two BBC live broadcasts on Easter Day. Evensong will be broadcast live on Radio 3 at 3:00p.m, while Radio 4’s Sunday Worship at 8:10a.m, also coming live from Southwell, includes a five minute anthem by Ralph Vaughan Williams entitled ‘Easter’, set for baritone solo and choir, in which Stephen will be singing the solo part. Stephen, a committed Christian, admits to being “excited and terrified in equal measure” at the prospect of singing such a big solo on live radio, and on such an important day in the church’s calendar. To see if he holds his nerve, tune in to Radio 4 on Sunday morning!