International Womens Day 2020

Here at FPCR we are recognising the importance of equality by celebrating International Women’s Day 2020.  We think it’s important to celebrate achievements, raise awareness against bias and to promote equality in the workplace.

We have been posting each day in the lead up to IWD with a photograph of just a few of the women in the practice to celebrate their achievements and highlight the value that we place in gender equality.  As an Equal Opportunities employer successful applicants have always been employed as a matter of merit, taking on the best qualified or with the most potential for the post.

This is proven through our almost 50/50 male to female staff ratio across our 4 offices.  Our employment policies are flexible to ensure that a good work / life balance can be achieved by all of our staff.

All employees are equal in our eyes, whatever their gender or level we value the worth of the individual and the particular expertise, perspective and experience that they bring.