Implementing new LI guidance on Visualisation


Following the publication of the Landscape Institute’s guidance on “Visual Representation of Development Proposals”, we have been busy setting up new templates and workflows in response. These not only ensure we produce compliant visualisations, but help us provide our clients with top-quality outputs, using the very latest in camera gear and software. A number of in-house training events have been held to help our teams get up-to-speed with using the new kit.

We welcome the publication of the new guidance, which goes a long way to clearing up some of the previous confusion on topics such as viewing distances. Thanks to the hardworking volunteers of the Landscape Institute, such as Bill Blackledge, for making this happen. The new Technical Guidance Note leaves less room for ambiguity, which is not only helpful for consultants like ourselves, but also aids Local Planning Authorities and Planning Inspectors when they are faced with visualisations produced by others.

We have already followed the new guidance in the production of photomontages to support a planning application for a care home. We would be happy to talk to you about your specific project requirements and how we can help – please get in touch with one of our Landscape team members.