FPCR top the Workplace Challenge County Leaderboard!


31 members of staff at Lockington Hall once again signed up to the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge which ran from the 8th January until the 4th March 2018, a challenge which annually sees the Practice actively participate in and have done so for the past 5 years. The Workplace Challenge is a national programme designed to encourage workplaces to become active and members of staff at FPCR see this a way of ‘kick starting’ their New Year post the Christmas indulgences and develop healthier lives!!

This year FPCR are delighted as they successfully achieved 1st place out of the 45 companies taking part throughout the Leicestershire and Rutland County, and gained an impressive 592,504 activity points in total, with 174,153 points ahead of the 2nd place company! Nationally, FPCR took the 21st spot out of 685 companies competing across the UK.

Not only did FPCR come top of the County Leaderboard, but the first 3 places in the County Leaderboard were also taken by 3 FPCR members of staff. The top 3 places were awarded to 1st Michelle Tomlisson (82,676 points) , 2nd Sam Morley (66,272 points) and 3rd Helen Kirk (64,101 points), with Michelle winning the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge in Leicestershire and Rutland.

To maintain momentum and continue our efforts we’re now looking forward to taking part in the Wolf Run for the 2nd year running, which takes place in June! This is an obstacle race where strength and stamina are key. Training is already underway through Bootcamps at lunchtime, running club and HITT classes.

Click here for more information about the Workplace Challenge.