Arb’s New Arborcheck Chlorophyll Fluorescence System

Arborcheck Arboriculture Toolkit

FPCR’s Arboricultural department is always seeking the latest innovations in arboricultural techniques and practices which would enable us to provide a deeper understanding of trees and ultimately improve our service to our extensive range of clients.

We have recently invested in a new handheld Arborcheck system, which will allow us to conduct chlorophyll fluorescence tests, enabling us to provide a quick, non-invasive physiological assessment of tree health. The Arborcheck system enables early detection of potentially severely damaging stress factors well before any visible symptoms are apparent. As well as use on mature trees, such tests have also proved to be especially useful when it comes to monitoring the success of new tree planting and monitoring the mortality rates and effects of management of veteran trees.

How does it work?

A plant’s leaves will take energy from the sun and convert it into complex carbohydrates that it can use for nutrition, a process known as photosynthesis.

Normally a healthy tree will use about 80-84% of the sunlight it receives at the leaf surface. The rest is dispersed by non-photochemical processes: re-emitting in the form of infra-red radiation (heat) or far-red radiation (referred to as chlorophyll fluorescence).

Trees which are not at optimum health do not have this balance. For example, after a period of drought or a change in growing conditions e.g. increased soil compaction resulting from construction works, the rate of photosynthesis will be slowed in response and a tree will have to increase its dissipation of energy by chlorophyll fluorescence.

By reading the intensity and nature of a tree’s fluorescence, and also by measuring the foliar chlorophyll concentrations in a leaf (leaf greenness), an informed assessment of the tree’s overall health can be made, even before there are the usual visible signs of stress. Decisions can then be made as to recommending the most appropriate course of remedial treatment to be applied to reverse the stressed state and promote good healthy tree growth.

We are proud to be one of only a handful of multi-disciplinary companies offering this service.

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