Low Marnham Combined Heat and Power Plant

Low Marnham

Work is nearing completion on JG Pear’s Combined Heat and Power Plant at Low Marnham in Nottinghamshire.

The plant will significantly enhance the overall sustainability of the company’s existing operation processing animal by products. FPCR provided masterplanning and landscape expertise for the project, and Phil Rech subsequently gave evidence at the Public Inquiry in 2014.

With a 28m high main boiler house and a 50m chimney, the building complex is inevitably visible across the local area. However, careful use of varied cladding colours and appropriate perimeter landscape treatment results in the complex being successfully assimilated into the Nottinghamshire countryside.

Martin Kingston QC led the JG Pears case at appeal, with Chris Meile presenting the heritage evidence in relation to possible effects upon St Wilfred’s Church, and Graham Bolton addressing overall planning matters.