Supporting Pride Month at FPCR

Throughout Pride Month the FPCR LGBTQ+ Network have been busy recognising the importance and value of Pride.  They have been circulating information to their colleagues about pronouns, allyship and the reclamation of the word queer.  We’ll be closing the month out with a virtual LGBTQ+ social and looking forward to when we’ll all be able to celebrate Pride in person in 2022. As a company we have recognised Pride Month by changing our social media and email logos and by including gender pronouns in our email signatures.

We know how important it is for people to feel that they can be themselves at work without fear of judgment or discrimination due to their race, gender, faith, disability, socio-economic background, sexuality, or age. We are happy to not only support our LGBTQ+ employees by having an LGBTQ+ Network that operates all year around, but we continually and actively strive to be better allies.