The Results Are In …


Ecologists from FPCR Environment and Design Ltd have once again been hard at work throughout the Spring-Summer survey season. Between our four nationwide offices we have found 425 badger setts, 1072 reptiles, 1223 trees with bat potential and 8295 great crested newts!! In terms of equipment used; we deployed 794 static bat detectors, 1995 dormouse tubes, 7784 reptile tins, and a whopping 38317 newt bottles. To put some of those numbers in context, we used nearly 2km of roofing felt to make our reptile tins, and our newt bottles had a sampling volume equivalent of around 40 fire engines.

As one of the largest ecology companies in the UK, FPCR has the capacity to drop onto new jobs quickly with the equipment, expertise and experience to provide a top level, efficient service for our clients. For wider scoped projects we have multi-disciplinary teams which include Masterplanning and Urban Design, Environmental Assessment, Landscape, Ecology, Architecture and Arboriculture to enable us to respond to very complex projects in a creative yet thorough and co-ordinated manner. If you have a site which requires one or more of the above services, get in touch.

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