FPCR Gain Bat Low Impact Class Licence Registered Consultants

Associate Ecologist Dan Foster and Senior Bat Ecologist Steve Roe recently completed and successfully passed a training event to become two of a small number of Registered Consultants who are able to apply for the new Natural England Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL or WML-CL21).

The BLICL streamlines the application process for a derogation licence as the Registered Consultant (RC) takes on much of the assessment that Natural England usually carry out for a full mitigation licence.

Dan and Steve who have been trained by Natural England are now able to oversee developments determined to have a low impact on seven common species on certain roost types without the need to apply for the full EPS mitigation licence. This new licence has the potential to allow a more streamlined process for bat licensing for sites and scenarios where it is appropriate. However the BLICL is not a “quick fix” for the last-minute discovery of a bat roost in a building. Making the judgement as to whether the licence is appropriate is down to the experience of the RC and a decision can only be reached when supported by a reliable amount of recent survey work. However, where a full and robust set of surveys which are compliant with the current best practice guidelines has been completed and the site is considered to meet the suitable criteria, a site suitable for BLICL results in:

  • One form to complete which ties the usual application form, method statement and reasoned statement all together
  • No requirement for a Reasoned Statement (although full planning permission is still required before applying for site registration)
  • No monitoring requirement
  • A faster decision from Natural England (usually around 10 working days)

If you would like further information, please contact one of our Registered Consultants using the details below and feel free to browse our other services relating to bat surveys:

Dan Foster (Lockington Office)

01509 672 772 / 07989 223 063



Steve Roe (Lockington Office)

01509 672 772 / 07875 076 271


As well as the BLICL service above, we are also able to provide the Great Crested Newt Low Impact Class Licence service, for more information about this, please contact:

Dr Bob Simpson (Lockington Office)

01509 672 772 / 07815 967 145