Consent granted at Banbury Road, Stratford on Avon

Consent was granted last week at appeal for 62 dwellings at Banbury Road, Stratford on Avon. FPCR have provided landscape and architectural services for this site on behalf of Persimmon Homes and the Bird Group. The application was full, and FPCR provided housetypes and elevations drawing on analysis of the local vernacular, alongside a landscape strategy and Landscape and Visual Assessment. Tim Jackson and Keith Nye provided evidence to the hearing on landscape and design matters.

Inspector Aqbal concluded “The proposed layout by incorporating the existing pond and new landscaping would provide an open and verdant entrance to the site which would give the development a strong identity. This area would also link to the ‘village green’ which offers a focal space within the development. These areas of public open space also facilitate an organic layout towards the front of the site. Further into the site, the layout incorporates more linear streets with housing close to the highway as well as courtyard arrangements. In general, these streets would be small and varied through the use of different house designs. These elevations would also be punctuated with street trees. The use of street trees with modest defensible frontages incorporating planting, along with the provision of railings and shared road surfaces denoted by pavers, would provide interest and enhance street scenes”.

The full decision can be read here.